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Wendy Houstoun is a director, choreographer and performance

maker who was worked  with experimental movement

and theatre forms since 1980.


Her solo works Haunted Daunted and Flaunted, Happy Hour , The 48 Almost Love Lyrics  , Desert Island Dances and  50 ACTS  have all toured Europe , Australia and the US.

Works were made with long collaboraters composer John Avery, lighting designer Nigel Edwards who also act as directorial voices.


Collaborative work with companies and individual artists include:

Lloyd Newson and DV8 Physical Theatre , Tim Etchells and Forced Entertainment , Charlotte Vincent and Vincent Dance Company, film-maker David Hinton, dancer Jonathan Burrows, composer Matteo Fargion, performer Nigel Charnock, dancer Rachel Krische, artist Terry O'Connor ,  performance artist Rose English, Gloria Theatre, Lumiere & Son Theatre, Ludus Dance Comapany   in theatre and site specific pieces , films and installations.


She has taught open workshops internationally and in the UK and continues to mentor  independent artists. 


Awards : Time Out Performance Award  for " If Only.." with DV8 Physical theatre,  Paul Hamlyn Award for Performance,  Golden Sun Award for  Touched - BBC Dance for Camera  film made with David Hinton,  TMA award for 50 ACTS solo work,

 Critics Award for Pact with Pointlessness solo work.


Creations for companies :  Candoco Dance Company ( Imperfect Storm),  Yorke Dance Project ( Home on The Range ), VCAM in Melbourne  ( Macbeth ) Antonia Grove and Probe ( Small Talk )  +

In the Dark (  Independent artists at The Performance Space , No Success Like Failure ( The Fondue Set ) both in Sydney.

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