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The 48 Almost Love Lyrics


SNAGGED AND CLORED IS PROGRAMMED TO HOST A RANGE OFINNOVATIVE and cutting edge contemporary choreographers this summer.Carol Brown's Room explores the literal and metaphorical rooms of three women's lives, analysing domesticity, homelessness and personal space. Their movements are sporadic, yet eloquent and distinctive, with contained stretches, fast spins and stringent manipulation of the limbs. Set to a live grand piano plinking out Messiaen, Takemitsu and Hindemith, they speak of cryptic objectives, which are clear and definite to them but largely unapparent to the audience.Wendy Houston dubs herself an award-winning director in her Hollywood parody, The 48 Almost Love Lyrics.It is a witty and poignant piece - a series of monologues, funny, sad and surreal, envelop a much more touching story of a choreographer being press ganged by the mob - ie the audience.In a solo incorporating movement, text and video, Houstoun hops madly about the stage, rambling and loopy while the background film shows carefree young dancers. She crawls around picking up fragments of smashed vinyl, singing "All this talk of getting old, it's getting me down... Keep on moving...Get in the groove". It's a much more genuine piece than the first and, although focused on the self, less irreverent towards the audience.

Katie Phillips  





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